Working since 1993

About Delog Nigeria Limited

DELOG NIGERIA LIMITED 232,177 was incorporated on 6th October 1993, as a manpower development and outsourcing company. The company supports multinationals in the area of labour supplies and training. Delog has been in operations for over two (2) decades working for various multinational companies and providing innovations for the clients.

Delog is licensed by Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity. Equally the Directorate for Petroleum Resources granted Delog Labour Permit to carry out her Labour outsourcing.

Delog Nigeria Limited is the operator of Delog Medical Services Limited, Delog Manpower Engineering Limited, Sam-Julien Maintenance Limited & Dayspring Resources Limited.

The company has in her payroll workers and professionals spread all over the globe. Delog runs over 2 Billion (Two Billion Naira), turnover per annum as salaries payment. Delog operations cover Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana, UK, USA and South Africa.

Delog has been structured on departmental basis to carry out her objects with finesse. We have Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Payroll Administration, Client Relations, Safety and Logistics Departments respectively.


Our Mission

Providing safety conscious workers to multinationals alike, protecting the interest of the client without neglecting the welfare of the employees.


Our Vision

To be the best multinational labour supplier globally with the aim of adding ethical and social values to her staff by investing in their lives through training and performing advisory role to the benefit of the client and employees.


Corporate Philosophy

……….Humble Service to Humanity.


Standard of Corporate Practice

DELOG is an established professional organization offering our clientele the very best in the labour and employment arena, such as Labour outsourcing, Contract Labour, Recruitment, HR and payroll services.

DELOG has a new vision in employment and labour services which is in line with empowerment ideals and it’s an equal opportunities organization geared as our name suggests to helping all.

DELOG is at the cutting edge of employment and labour services and constantly strives to train, empower and uplift our employees, whilst providing the client with the absolute best in employment and labour services.

The Management and Employees of the DELOG pledge themselves to providing our Clients, Customers and Service Providers alike with an unequalled professional service and commitment towards the bettering and furthering of the relationship between the Customer and Delog Manpower Group for the future benefit of all.


  • Total elimination of any form of discrimination within the Workplace.
  • Practice of fair employment principles within all areas of the organization.
  • Pledge by all employees to provide a fully professional service to our customers, clients and service providers alike.
  • Furthering of the aims and visions of the Company and its Clients to promote future growth.
Human Resources 100%
Client Relations 100%
Safety 100%
Logistics 100%

Our Clients

Delog Clients and Partners