Delog Academy Training Institute

The DELOG ACADEMY IS THE CAPACITY BUILDING ARM of our Company, where we offer training with a difference. We regard knowledge as a principal driver of productivity in any organisation. Our trainings are tailored to the peculiar needs of the organization to equip you and your team to take on the current business challenges.  With various training options in our bucket, our team of experts will provide you with wealth of experience across various industries and fields of specialization.After each training facilitated we proffer practicable solutions and also follow up with implementation of learning imparted.

Our facilitators are seasoned professionals in their various fields with over many years of cumulative experience. Our training facilitations are not limited to Nigeria but we also organize trainings outside the shores of Nigeria depending on the preference of our clients. The DELOG Academy also trains fresh out of school graduates on basic soft entrepreneurship skills in preparation for the job market.

Our Training Instructional Design

  • Identify instructional problems, and specify goals for designing an instructional program.
  • Examine learner characteristics that should receive attention during planning.
  • Identify subject content, and analyze task components related to stated goals and purposes.
  • State instructional objectives for the learner.
  • Sequence content within each instructional unit for logical learning.
  • Design instructional strategies so that each learner can master the objectives.
  • Plan the instructional message and delivery.
  • Develop evaluation instruments to assess objectives.
  • Select resources to support instruction and learning